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21 April 2003

Latest Commentary:
"Syria's next" is the biggest untruth in world politics, and everyone in Washington and Damascus who matters knows it. While it is true that the US has the troops to take the Syrian capital and do for Ba'athism there what it did for this Arab brand of fascism in Iraq, it isn't about to do so. The next piece of the American Imperial jigsaw requires a diplomatic coup, and Syrian Dictator/President Bashir-al-Assad is the man to deliver it. Click here to read more.

While the country was busy watching the exploits of the 3rd Infantry Division in Iraq, Congress was busy passing the legislation needed to protect those most able to pay for it. The new Armed Forces Tax Fairness Act of 2003 and the Tax Relief, Simplification and Equity Act of 2003 (benefiting the families of the space shuttle crew) have become special spending for special interests. The message is wrap it in the flag, and cut one's own taxes with political donations. Click here for more.
Quotation of the Moment:
"The great secret of power is never to will to do more than you can accomplish."
-- Henrik Ibsen, Playwright

Our Motto:
"Neither Half-Full Nor Half-Empty, the Glass is Too Large."

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