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16 February 2004

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The mistaken belief that the south is the key to the White House was not shattered by last Tuesday's primaries in Virginia and Tennessee, but the false premise that "Johnny Reb won't vote for no damnyankee" certainly was. Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts had a healthy plurality in Tennessee, and in Virginia, he garnered an outright majority. The Democrats all across the country seem to have decided that "by any means necessary" is the real slogan for 2004. Click here to read more.

The result wasn't even close in the Chamber of Deputies when the French legislature voted on banning headscarves and other overt religious symbols in schools -- Oui 494, Non 36. The Senate takes up the debate next, and there is every chance this ban will become law. It may keep France French, but it shows an incredible lack of creativity. Click here for more.
Quotation of the Moment: "First, they decided on war. Then they sent everyone out on a global scavenger hunt to find the evidence to prove we had no alternative but war."
-- Patrick J. Buchanan
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